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Q: What is a curly cut? 

A: It’s a specialized cut for your curl type. 

Q: Does my hair qualify for a curly cut?

A:  If you have any amount of natural wave, then yes! If you are naturally curly and let your hair air dry and don’t use heat on it, YES!


Q: How do I choose the right stylist?

A: Our curl stylists are trained in all types of curly hair, our Tier 4 stylists have the most amount of training and experience. Check out the bios on our team page to see what curly types each stylist is most proficient in.

Q: Why do you store my CC on file?

A: We take our appointments seriously, and our stylists don’t get paid if they don't have clients. Out of respect for our staff as well as other clients that are waiting for long booked appointments, we have a strict deposit policy.

Q: How is pintura different from bayalage?

A: It is more or less the same technique, but pintura is designed specifically to enhance curly hair.

Q: How am I supposed to come in with my hair for a curly cut?

A:  Please come in with it down, dry, in it’s natural state and not in a bun.  Preferably day 2 hair, or whatever is your best hair day.

Q: Am I able to straighten my hair with a curly cut?

A: We recommend not straightening your hair to maintain the integrity of the hair, but curly cuts are versatile and can be worn straight.


Q: Can I get my hair blown out straight after a curly cut?

A: We always do a follow up touch up cut after your wash so it is best for you to have your hair dried in your natural curl to get the full benefits of our services.

Q:  Is going blonde safe for my hair?

A:  Going blonde does damage to hair, but if you take it slow, treat your hair right, and have patience, it can safely be done. It can be an expensive and tedious process, but it is possible!


Q: Why does my hair look different at home, or in different light? 

A: Lights at home and especially at work are probably way warmer that at the salon. We use light that imitates outdoor light and shows the true tones of your hair.


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