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Curly Stylist & Color Specialist (She/her/they)

hey Yall,


I’m Logan.  I have been in the hair industry for around 14 years, and have experience in all hair types and fabrics.  Mostly working in Chicago, I am genuine and practical with my approach to hair cutting and styling. Im excited to specialize in curly hair, and start my hair color education journey at Penny Lane. I have solely focused on craft hair cutting all textures and creating lasting relationships with clients on their hair journey. I believe there is a lot to teach clients about caring for their specific hair type, and I love helpin!  I am Sassoon and Arrojo certified…Loving the geometry of hair, you can find me using scissors or a straight razor, whatever the situation calls.  I also love cleanly sculpted barbered haircuts. All lengths welcome! Coming from a family of wild artists and musicians, I have an eye for detail and an ear for what you and your hair needs. 


  • CurlyCut Pricing: $130

  • Straight haircuts $90

  • Specialty Color Pricing: $85/hour plus one time $21 product charge

  • Availability: booked out 1- 4 weeks 

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