PLEASE NOTE! We will now be charging a $3.10 surcharge on top of your service total to support our green initiative and employee wellness program. Click here for details!
We thank you in advance for your support!

Cutting/ Styling

Short Scissor/ Clipper Cut- $45 [30 min]

Short Scissor/ Pixie Cut- $58 [45 min]

Bang/ Neck Trim- $17 [15 min]

Beard Trim- $17 [15 min]

Chin to Long Cut*- $70 and up [60 min]

Specialty Curly Cut- $120-145 ** All prices are subject to change based on time needed for the service.**  (check stylist info for specific pricing) [90 min] what is a Specialty Curly Cut? 

Curly Styling/ Wash and Go Tutorial- $85-$110 [45-60 min] *wash and go only

Children's Cuts- we do not have special pricing for children's cuts, and at the moment can only accommodate children 12 and older.


All-Over Color- $115 and up [approx 90 min]
Root Retouch (single process)- $95 and up [approx 90 min]
Specialty Color Services- $100/hour plus one time $21 product charge.  (check stylist info for specific pricing) 
   Please see note below on booking restrictions
*Booked hourly, rate is All Inclusive, and based on stylist. Includes any/ all of the following services:
-wash/blow dry
*Please note: This does NOT include cuts/trims. All haircuts will need to be booked as an additional service.
*All new specialty color clients are required to book a 2.5 hour minimum specialty color. 
Look over our Color Consent Form before you come in! All color clients must sign this form before any color service.

Tips are cash only.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please see our info page for redo/ return policy.
Questions/Concerns? Email management here, we'd love to hear from you!

*please note: our hair services are not gender specific. we designate our rates based on hair length and density, and longevity of each specific service.

As stated above, a $3.10 surcharge will be added to your service total to support our green and wellness initiative. Click here for details.
Thank you in advance for your support.