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All wig inquiries must be directed to our administrative assistant. Please do not call the salon, you will be directed to fill out the form at the bottom of the page.



Step by Step Process

Client Inquiries

{ about us }

Penny Lane Studios provides high quality wigs in all shapes and sizes for every type of person. We hand tie our wigs in our studio right here in Chicago to suit your specific needs. We work with all kinds of hair textures, colors, and densities.

Wig Styling, Cutting, and Maintenance

$62/ hr.

Training Session


Small hairpiece "topper"

$1,000 and up

Large hairpiece "topper"

$3,000 and up

Fully Hand Tied Custom Wig

$4,000 and up

{ pricing }

Our prices vary largely depending on the piece that you need made. Hair quality, length, density, style are the main reason that the cost can vary so much. These price ranges are based on averages, but can fluctuate greatly depending on your specific needs.

*Customizing pre-made or factory made wig is possible, but must be assessed in a one-on-one consultation. We are not able to give any sort of price estimate as each client's needs largely vary.


{ FAQs }

Are your wigs covered by insurance?

-We are not covered by any kind of insurance. We will gladly customize a wig that you purchase through insurance, but any work we do is not claimable.

Can I use my own hair or hair from friend or family member?

-We can integrate provided hair into your hairpiece, but generally donated hair from one person is not enough hair to make a full wig. This hair (depending on length, density, and quality) can usually provide enough hair for about 15% of a full wig. For the body (main portion) of the wig, we use purchased hair that is better suited for durability and longevity of the hairpiece.

What are the requirements of using donated hair?

-The hair must be provided to us in clean bundles (braids or small ponytails) so that all the hair is facing the same direction. We will not use hair that has been cut and then bundled together. It is best to have us do the cut to ensure that we get the most out of the donated hair.

Can you alter a hairpiece/ wig that I already own?

-We do, in certain circumstances, do minor alterations on existing pieces. These alterations include haircuts, color, minor fitting issues, and patching. If your existing hairpiece needs major alterations, we will most likely recommend replacing it with something custom made for you, as it can actually be more time/ cost effective to create something just for you that is exactly what you need!


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