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{kids curly cuts}

What if my child has curly hair?


We at Penny Lane think its very important for people with curly hair to learn to love their hair at an early age. We LOVE to educate kids and their parents on how to best care for their curls. Here are the options we offer curly kids:

1. Dry cut and short verbal styling tutorial- 30 minutes (must be at least 12 years old). 

Your child will receive a curly cut from one of our specialty curl stylists, and they and one guardian will get a verbal tutorial on how to properly hydrate and style their curls to avoid knotting, dredding, and excess frizz.

*recommended for children 4 and under/ returning clients needing maintenance cuts.

Cost: 1/2 price of regular curly cut (see individual stylist pricing)

2. Full service curly cut (must be 12 or older).

We do not offer separate service/ pricing on our full curl services for kids, as typically they take the same amount of time and care from our stylists. Please see stylist pricing.

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