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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the information you need, please feel free to contact us at 773.486.3826 or

Salon Policies & Covid

Q: Why do you store my CC on file? A: We take our appointments seriously, and our stylists don’t get paid if they don't have clients. Out of respect for our staff as well as other clients that are waiting for long booked appointments, we have a strict deposit policy.

Q: What's changed at Penny Lane due to Covid-19? A: A lot of things! Please keep reading below and note all clients must sign our Booking Agreement before each appointment. This is updated regularly and will best prepare you for your appointment.

Q: What do I do when I arrive for my appointment? A: Our waiting area is limited to 2 people at a time. Please wait outside or in your car if you arrive early and come to the front door at your appointment time. You may only utilize the parking lot during your service but please do not park and walk around the neighborhood if you arrive early. You will get towed if the parking lot is missued. Please only bring a wallet and cell phone into the salon if possible. ​ We will require clients to come to their appointment with over the ear masks so we can access your full head while still being masked. We have disposable masks available however everyone must be masked to enter the building. Our drink service will be temporarily suspended. Please do not bring food or beverages into the salon. Guests are allowed to bring a personal water bottle to extended color services.

Q: Will there be new rules or safety precautions? A: We will not be permitting scheduled clients to bring guests (children, friends, family members) into their appointment with them. If you arrive with a guest we will ask them to excuse themselves during the duration of your appointment to limit the number of people in our small space. If they can not be left unattended outside of the salon (children) you will be charged for the service and asked to reschedule. All stylists will be wearing masks until we feel comfortable and safe not doing so. If you are unwell, have recently returned from any air travel or have come into contact with someone with COVID-19, please reschedule, even if you do not have any symptoms. We will help to accommodate you at a time that suits.

Q: What are the payment options? Can I still pay/ tip with cash? A: VISA, Master Card, Apple Pay & Cash (We do not have coin change). Gratuity is CASH ONLY.

Q: How can I be fully prepared for my appointment? A: We ask you to come to your appointment with freshly washed hair and scalp as well as washing your hands immediately upon arrival to the salon at our back bathroom or our hand washing station at the back sink of the salon. We require clients to wear over the ear masks so we can access your full head while still being masked. We have disposable masks available however everyone must be masked to enter the building. As stated above, we ask that you fill out our policy update acknowledgement. This will be required before confirming any appointments and must be signed each time as we are updating it with the ever changing needs of the salon and government regulations.

Q: What if I feel nervous coming into the salon and having my stylist so close to me? A: While we will have limited the number of stylists and clients in the salon and will be sanitizing stations before and after each client, our space is still a public place of business with multiple people entering and exiting throughout the day. If you are uncomfortable being in very close contact with your stylist or in a space with others, please postpone your appointment until a later date. If you are at high risk or immunocompromised please postpone your appointment. It is impossible to socially distance yourself from your hair stylist and we want all guests to feel safe and comfortable while in our space.

Q: What is the employee wellness tax? A: Our employee welness fee is working! Since beginning the program, we are now able to offer our staff vision/dental and disability including maternity leave. Thank you to our incredible community of clients for supporting your stylists and local business. We are figuring this out one year at a time and are so proud of the growth and support we have een able to experience with our team. These taxes are completely up to you if you want to decline paying them please just let our front desk staf know at check out.

Q: What is the green circle tax? A: Green circle is a company we pay to help us recycle everything that we throw away, including your hair! This fee helps cover the cost of this huge monthly expense but it also helps us keep the world a better place. In 2023 Penny Lane diverted 1,539lbs of waste out of our landfills.

General Hair Questions

How do I choose the right stylist? A: Our curl stylists are extensively trained in all types of curly hair. Check out the bios on our team page to see what curly types each stylist is most proficient in.

Q: How is pintura different from bayalage? A: It is more or less the same technique, but pintura is designed specifically to enhance curly hair.

Q: Is going blonde safe for my hair? A: Going blonde does damage to hair, but if you take it slow, treat your hair right, and have patience, it can safely be done. It can be an expensive and tedious process, but it is possible!

Q: Why does my hair look different at home, or in different light? A: Lights at home and especially at work are probably way warmer that at the salon. We use light that imitates outdoor light and shows the true tones of your hair.

Curl Services

What is a curly cut? A: It’s a specialized cut for your curl type.

Does my hair qualify for a curly cut? A: If you have any amount of natural wave, then yes! If you are naturally curly and let your hair air dry and don’t use heat on it, YES!

Q: How am I supposed to come in with my hair for a curly cut? A: Please come in with it down, dry, in it’s natural state and not in a bun. Preferably day 2 hair, or whatever is your best hair day.

Q: Am I able to straighten my hair with a curly cut? A: We recommend not straightening your hair to maintain the integrity of the hair, but curly cuts are versatile and can be worn straight.

Q: Can I get my hair blown out straight after a curly cut? A: We always do a follow up touch up cut after your wash so it is best for you to have your hair dried in your natural curl to get the full benefits of our services.

Q: Is my hair right for a Curly Cut? A: About 75% of us fall somewhere within the Curly Spectrum, from very loose waves to a tight, zigzag pattern. No matter where you live along the spectrum, the curly cut will work for you. We encourage all potential curly clients to stop in for a complimentary curly consultation prior to a curly cut. A consult is a great time to meet one on one with your curly specialist and to have all of your questions and concerns addressed. Take a look at this Curly Types graphic for additional context. Long live curly hair and curly pride!

Q: What is a Specialty Curly Cut? A: Simply put, we use a multitude of approaches that utilize intuitive and technical dry cutting methods specifically designed for the curly client. By working with your curls in their dry, natural state, we are able to achieve the best shape and length for YOUR curls- no two curly cuts are the same from curly person to curly person! Our stylists have been trained by: RËZO DevaCurl Atoya @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio Chrissy Collins @chrissycollins_hair Kristy Ramos @SunflowersAndScissors In addition, a curly cut involves a coaching session at the sink designed to teach you the optimal methods for cleansing, conditioning, and styling your curls. You will leave Penny Lane with a step-by-step methodology to keep your curls happy and healthy. One of the best things about a curly cut is its longevity-- most curly cuts will last 4-6 months depending on length, curl type, and shape. If you have any additional questions on the process of a curly cut, our staff is more than happy to guide you through the process. **Note: It is important you arrive with your hair thoroughly detangled. We will charge a detangling fee if extra detangling is required prior to the service.Please let us know if you would like a detangling session

Q: Kids Curly Cuts - What if my child has curly hair? A: We at Penny Lane think its very important for people with curly hair to learn to love their hair at an early age. We LOVE to educate kids and their parents on how to best care for their curls. Here are the options we offer curly kids: ​ 1. Dry cut and short verbal styling tutorial- 30 minutes (must be at least 12 years old). Your child will receive a curly cut from one of our specialty curl stylists, and they and one guardian will get a verbal tutorial on how to properly hydrate and style their curls to avoid knotting, dredding, and excess frizz. *recommended for children 4 and under/ returning clients needing maintenance cuts. Cost: 1/2 price of regular curly cut (see individual stylist pricing) ​ 2. Full service curly cut (must be 12 or older). We do not offer separate service/ pricing on our full curl services for kids, as typically they take the same amount of time and care from our stylists. Please see stylist pricing.

Specialty Curly Cuts

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