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Stylist & Color Specialist (does not do curly hair)


Lisa is a native of Chicago and grew up exploring a plethora of creative outlets. After attending Columbia College she decided to push her creativity in a new direction and found that the beauty industry was where she wanted to be. Lisa attended Pivot Point International Academy in 2010 where she started her cosmetology training.


In early 2015 Lisa finally found her hair home at Penny Lane and continued to cultivate her passion for designing natural and effortless looking hair color. With a preference towards blondes she also loves creating dimensional redheads and brunettes. She works with her clients’ natural hair to create color and cuts that are low maintenance and will grow out easily. Lisa loves cutting hair dry and is somewhat averse to that "fresh cut" look, preferring to create more "lived-in" hairstyles.


Lisa has spent years educating herself and keeping up on the latest trends and techniques. She has a keen eye for composition and is very detail oriented. She works best with clients who are laid back and realistic about their hair goals and who trust that she will do her best to give them what they ask for while maintaining the health and integrity of their hair. 

Lisa's Gallery


  • Straight Haircut Pricing: $115

  • Specialty Color Pricing: $115/hour plus one time $21 product charge

  • Availability: booked out 6 - 8 weeks

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