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Hello, Portland! I recently moved here from my home town of Chicago, where I co-own a hair salon and wig studio. We opened the space in November of 2012 with 5 on staff, and now we have 12! We have a great team, supportive clientele, and solid group of theatres that we regular collaborate with.

I moved to Portland looking for a change of pace, lifestyle, weather, and to be closer to my family. I am still an active owner, helping to manage the salon remotely, as well as going back every couple of months to check in and help out.

My goals for my career in Portland are many. I hope to paint, draw, embroider, and pursue my other artistic interests, as well as continue to build and style wigs for shows in Chicago and maybe here as well. I am also hoping to start working with local clients who need hair pieces or wigs due to alopecia and general hair loss. Maybe some day there will be a Penny Lane Portland? Check back for updates!

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